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News from the group home

The Three Amigos: Samanth, Amanda and Harlan

IndeeD, they did shine


Regal in Pink: Heather is

queen of the night

All Smiles: Carrie with Julie, home staffer

Let's Party: Steven is ready for the fiesta

Heather, Amanda, Carrie, Samantha, Scott, Steven and Harlan attended A Night to Shine Feb. 9 at the American Celebration on Parade at Shenandoah Caverns. 

The local event was attended by 120 people, who were accompanied by 180 helpers. They arrived in style via limo, were escorted down a red carpet and entered to a dinner and dance. 

And on this same night they were joined by other mentally challenged people from around the world to celebrate their uniqueness. It was truly a global event.

Prior to the big event, Heather did manicures for the ladies, and everybody was busy selecting outfits and jewelry, including tiaras.

Harlan, who attended for the first time, said, "I don't believe this is happening." He thoroughly enjoyed this new experience.

Heather enjoyed getting ready for the party by choosing an ensemble of mauve - her favorite color. She was a vision of mauve with her dress, nails, hair and makeup.

"I met a new friend in five seconds,'' Samantha said.

Steven enjoyed the dancing as did Carrie, who thought the music was great and danced the evening away.

Scott showed his appreciation of the spread, especially the ham sandwiches.

Amanda loved having her photo taken, as her happy face shows. 


Sponsored by Shen-Paco Industries  and originating with the Tim Tebow Foundation, the event was a prom-like affair with formal clothes and all the glamour befitting such an occasion. Truly, a night to shine.

The Magnificent Staff:

Sherrie, Terri and Julie

Merry Christmas from the Group Home!


The weather outside is becoming frightful, so our thoughts are turning back to...the Beach

A Ducky Time Was Had By All


Residents took their annual vacation in mid-September. 

Destination: Duck, on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. When the residents learned where they were going, they excitedly called their families to tell them of their plans. 

As the week unfolded, those plans took form in all kinds of fun activities. For example: Hunting for ghost crabs by flashlight, walking the beach to hunt shells, hanging out at the swimming pool at their rental house, visits to a lighthouse and aquarium.


The staff also went on the trip. While they had their normal daily duties, it was to the tune of the ocean instead of the house where they usually work.  Thrift Store Manager Sue Larkin left behind the confines of the store to also go on the trip.  Residents were happy to have a new face to share their daily adventures with.


Once settled back home, residents excitedly called their families again. This time the conversation was full of the details of the sea, sand and surf.

Indeed, SEARCH is fortunate to have an annual grant that covers this vacation and other activities residents enjoy.  

We were shining together at "Night to Shine"

News from the group

Sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation and the Chamber of Commerce, Night to Shine in Shenandoah County was an unforgettable prom night experience, centered on God's love, for individuals in the community with special needs ages 14 and older. This  year, Night to Shine was held in the American Celebration on Parade building on Friday February 10th, 2023.

enjoying the "cabin" in Tennessee

IMG_4815 (1).JPG

 making decorations! 

COVID restrictions brought crafts into our daily program.  We have sold them at craft shows so we have money to buy more supplies! 

IMG_1922 (2).jpeg
IMG_1926 (1).jpeg

Relaxing and crafting during covid-19

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