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When Life Gives you Lemons . . .

     This proverbial phrase means to encourage optimism and a "can-do" attitude in the face of misfortune. At the Route 11Yard Crawl on Saturday, residents took sour lemons and turned them into a sweet, positive experience.
      From 10-2, they took charge of their lemonade stand, offering for sale not just regular lemonade but also pink! Plus an enticing array of baked goods.
     Under a canopy to provide shade from the 90-plus degree heat, Heather and Amanda were pros at serving customers and explaining their offerings. They scooped the glasses full of ice and made sure to inquire if pink or regular was the preferred choice.
     “Awesome,” said Heather of her experience. “I’m pretty good help,” said Amanda, who relieved Harlan of earlier duties. (Steve also contributed to the undertaking.)
     Heather, who is adept at addition and subtraction (multiplication and division more challenging, she said), explained how a customer gave her $20 for two lemonades, which totaled $4. He told her to keep $10 as a donation so she gave him $6 in change.
     Another customer, upon eating a lemonade cookie, was heard to say, “That is the best lemonade cookie I have ever tasted!” Which is saying something, since he always has  loved his mother’s lemonade cookies.
     “It was a good experience” for the residents, said Robin Tull, manager of the  Group Home. That experience plus the $95 they raised for their efforts just goes to show you:

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.


The Group Home is licensed by the Virginia Department of Social Services as a Residential Group Home.  

Since the Group Home is residential, we have only high functioning, intellectually challenged adults.  We have all required federal, state and local  licenses. Northwestern Community Services provides mental health services for SEARCH residents if needed.  

To be accepted into our Group Home, a person must be intellectually challenged, be ambulatory, independent in self care, and be age 18 or older. Both private and public pay residents are accepted. 

All residents participate in a day program to help them reach their potential. Residency includes a private room, all meals, program activities, transportation, and staff support.

Residential Aides are present in the Group Home or with the residents on activities at all times to provide supervision, support and understanding. Our residents are escorted to doctor's appointments, worship services, dinners, dances and other activities.  

Short vacations and/or day trips are arranged for the residents each year.


SEARCH is proud to provide a safe, comfortable, and happy home environment for special needs residents.

For Group Home information, to donate funds, or to plan a tour of the Group Home call: Robin Tull, Group Home Administrator
(540) 477-2808   P.O. Box 1147   Mount Jackson, VA 22842


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